Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET


For years, the Plus model in any Galaxy lineup has told a simple story: “The same phone, just bigger.” You paid a premium for a larger screen and bigger battery, but otherwise the core features lined up with the smaller, more mainstream and cheaper Galaxy S.

This year, the Galaxy S9 Plus gives you three reasons to spend more: A second rear camera, more screen space and larger battery capacity. The second camera is especially compelling. Building that extra 12-megapixel telephoto sensor into the camera module means you’ll be able to take depth-of-field portrait photos that blur the background so that the subject of your photos stands out.

The one downside to the extra features is the price hike from the Galaxy S9 to the S9 Plus. The S9 Plus costs between $840 and $930 in the US, depending on your carrier. That’s about $120 more than the S9. In the UK it’ll cost £869 — £130 more than the S9. Australian prices start at AU$1,349, which is AU$150 more than the cheapest Galaxy S9.